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Article: A Fashion Affair - Sustainable LOVE

A Fashion Affair - Sustainable LOVE

A Fashion Affair - Sustainable LOVE

Embrace Luxury Love with Second-Hand Elegance

At So Over It we are comparing timeless love to sustainable luxury fashion, and a fling to fast fashion. In our opinion, true meaningful love whether it be 5 minutes or 50 years deserves affection and attention all year round but if there is one day to showcase how deep your love goes why not celebrate?

Coco Chanel and her lovers, timeless or scandalous? Who are we to say?!

  • Coco Chanel’s given name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel and she had some of the most famous complex love stories. She also dedicated bags and certain designs in honor of her lovers.
  • The Boy Bag was named and inspired by Coco Chanel’s longtime lover, Boy Chapel and in the flap bags under the top flap, Chanel bags have a pretty useless little zipper compartment that you won’t find in bags with similar structures from other brands; as the story goes, Coco hid it there to have a secret spot to stash her love letters. She was having a hot and heavy affair at the time.  

Most European fashion houses that had their inception prior to the 1930s have a sprinkle of dark or questionable history and Louis Vuitton is no exception. Within some of the twisted Louis Vuitton history are some glimpses of what we think are beautiful gestures. 

When Louis Vuitton died his son George Vuitton took over the business. As a homage to his dad, George introduced the  LV monogramwhich to this day is the most requested pattern from Louis Vuitton. This specific monogram featured a pattern of LVs, quatrefoils, and flowers. Under his leadership, the monogram ascended to great acclaim. 

​In 1925, Our girl Gabrielle Chanel received a specially designed dome-shaped handbag for personal use,  in 1934 making this style bag available for purchase for the public. It was initially named the “Squire” and 1955 was renamed to what we know and love now as the “Alma” . During that time Louis Vuitton expanded its collection,

adding the Keepall, Speedy (1930) and Noe (1932). As you can see these bags are not only coveted and in circulation today but are still being sold in Louis Vuitton stores with small tweaks of modernization. Speaking of the Louis Vuitton Noé bags, it was originally designed not as a bag to carry personal items but instead to transport bottles of champagne. Oh lala!

Christian Dior is arguably one of the most famous fashion houses, although there is not a trail of personal love stories that are public from this iconic man (imagine we could read his diary though…. His true LOVE was in fact his business DIOR. The rumor has it that Christian Dior hid his sexuality due to societal pressures of the era in which they lived. We believe that he put all of his love and focus into his creations which he was also known to be obsessive with. Love an entrepreneurial love story. His eloquent, tasteful, creations and his famous feminine “New Look” dress designs re shaped the way fashion was looked at during that era. 

This Valentine's Day we challenge you to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with luxury consignment treasures. Gift your loved ones (or yourself wink wink) a piece of history, a symbol of enduring love, and a commitment to sustainability.

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