Consignment Appointments

Got luxury goods you're so over? We might be so into it!

We're now taking consignment appointments across Canada!

The process is simple:

1. CHECK IT: View our online Designer Index to see if your items are one of our accepted brands.
2. OPEN YOUR SCHEDULE: Click on your region below and book your contactless appointment.
3. SHOW AND TELL: Show your items, sign the contract and arrange delivery.
4. GET PAID: We’ll price your items based on original value, condition and popularity. When it sells, we send you an e-transfer. 

Consignor Rates:
Hermès and Chanel
60% = Other brands with an original retail value of $500+
= Other brands with an original retail value below $499 

Click here if you are located in

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or the Territories

Click here if you are located in 

Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec or the East Coast

Contact us directly at if you have any questions.