The So Over It Mission

To repurpose and prolong the life of luxury goods while encouraging the sustainable fashion movement. As we like to put it: Someone's 'So Over It' is another persons treasure.

To curate high quality luxury items accessible for the socially conscious shopper and deserving people everywhere.  

To empower people from all over this world to be their best selves and feel truly confident. 



Rachel Solomon and Jordan Blair 
(Co-owners of So Over It Luxury Consignment)

The long story short:
We started out small (Jordan's living room filled with clothes kind of small) but our ideas remained large and our long term goals even larger.  Three months after our initial coffee shop meeting we launched the online business, a month post-launch we opened our first pop up and a month later opened up our first physical space: The 'So Over It Studio'! We continue to grow and learn each and every day and hope to meet all the goals we set in the future.

So Over It Luxury Consignment is:

1. Built on love, friendship and passion
2. A believer in the sustainable fashion movement
3. Committed to curating a collection of high quality authentic luxury items
4. In favour of the highest level of customer service