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We were recently inspired by an article written by the former editor of Vogue Paris, Joan Juliet ‘Advice to my 26 year old self’, we decided to write our own version.

We posed the question to our friends on Instagram. “What advice would you give your 20 year old self”? The response was epic. As it turns out, we ALL wish we would have just chilled out, forgotten about the boy and managed our angst better.

I picture my 20 year old self, leaving my Literary Theory class thinking “What the actual f@*k am I doing here”? I most likely had a bob at this point and am wearing some sort of Lululemon bottoms and over-sized American Apparel sweatshirt.  I find myself sitting in the library looking around thinking everyone is so sure of themselves. I am wrong.  I wish so badly I could have opened up my unorganized backpack and pulled out this letter…

To start, please stop worrying about what everyone thinks of you. Soon these people will be a distant memory and they will have zero impact on the Woman you become (trust me)!

The boy you’re dating who told you he could never marry you if he was going to become Prime Minister does not become Prime Minister.

Not everything is about you and you will never be able to control everything. Your overanalyzing of other people’s actions is only going to give you anxiety.

Eat the damn treat and never complain about your body. Instead, stop being so hard on yourself and be thankful you CAN be active.

When you get in your own head, go for a run or have a glass of wine with your friends.

Spend time with the friends you genuinely want to be around and don’t waste energy on toxic people. Later, you will learn to value your time so much more.

Be real with your expectations of others, actually, lower them. Putting people on a pedestal is only going to end with a shattering break up or the end of a friendship.

You are sensitive and always will be, learn to use it.  

Stop looking for validation from others and start concentrating on loving yourself.

You are going to meet “The One” and he is going to be supportive, exciting and wonderful in every way. Every bit of resentment you hold against the hockey guy who wouldn’t grow up or the "nice" boy you thought would be the safe choice falls away and you realize how lucky you are you never settled.

Please stop worrying! You’re going to figure it out. It takes you time, a trip alone across the world, a melodramatic teenage heart break, an unwarranted amount of self-doubt and the loss of some friends, but you are going to get there.

You will reconnect with some of those friends and you will make new ones, more profound and fulfilling friendships that make you a better person.

You end up finding your passion and exceeding your own expectations.

Your sensitivity makes you loving, your drive makes you fierce and your hard work turns into success.

Be authentic. Work on you. Stop stressing about the little things.  


Advice for you, from you.

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