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Article: Welcome to the So Over It Studio

Welcome to the So Over It Studio


We hope walking into the new So Over It studio will transport you into a world of elegance. Filled with incredible designer treasures, finished with inviting arches, unique marble and handmade Moroccan tiles, you feel like you have been directly inserted into a Vogue editorial. 

With this new space, we wanted our luxury items to convey their longevity. Using long lasting sustainable materials was of the utmost importance to us. So our design team at A.C.T Creative were able to source incredible brands locally and internationally that fit that brief.

When you walk in, you’ll notice an incredible arch in the centre of the space, inviting you in to explore more. There are a lot of these curved elements in our new space so it feels welcoming and less linear than a typical clothing store. Even the neutral tones and curved aspects of the change rooms are a perfect fit with a pop of yellow and coral coloured curtains that cover the spaces.

The changing quarters are also well-appointed with marble knobs that hold your future favourite outfit and a niche for your personals. These subtle, but important details were key for the space and we hope you appreciate them as much as we love them.

Bag Bar

One of the most eye-catching components of the store are the handmade Moroccan CLE Tiles covering the front desk, which is now known as the “Bag Bar.” Theses tiles draw from our new brand palette and each one has its own distinct character and story. Some of the tiles actually have chicken feet imprinted on the backs of them from laying out to dry in the hot Moroccan sun. 

We have always maintained that we want to take the thrifting out of luxury second-hand shopping. A passerby should never be able to guess that the elegant clothing hanging so perfectly on our new brass racks are previously loved. Just like our custom tiles, each piece in the store has a story. Whether it’s a Chanel blazer from someone’s favourite trip to Paris or a vintage Gucci watch that has been passed down over generations, each piece has been taken care of, loved and ready for a new home.

This year and on, you can expect unique private shopping experiences, highly dedicated one-on-one customer service and as always, impeccable designer collections. Truly, we can’t wait to see you in the studio and we hope you love it!

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