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Article: Fashion & Finance

Fashion & Finance


Quality over quantity is something you will hear us say daily. As owners of a luxury consignment business, it’s a topic we are very passionate about. Sometimes it is easier said than done and we recognize that, so we put together (with some help from the pros) some tips on becoming a savvy consumer, investing in your purchases and ditching those impulse shopping habits.

Be Selective

When it comes to choosing your style there are many variables to consider, including: season, mood and event. Our number one rule of thumb is “be selective.” Be selective on the store, the brand, the style and the quality. If you ask any stylist for advice on saving money their first tip will always be to invest in timeless staples instead of over-saturated trends. 
The more you know about the quality of your piece the better. No matter what type of clothing you are purchasing, this is key to ensuring longevity!

Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

If you have an upcoming event on the calendar, a special date, a party or a vacation, it’s time to get hyped and time to stalk the online fashion hemisphere for some ready-to-wear trends, right? Wrong! At So Over It, we utilize a few different tricks when we are feeling impulsive and now you can too. First, we ask ourselves these five questions:

  1. Is this something I will HONESTLY wear more than once? 
  2. Is this something that will last more than a of couple wears? 
  3. Will I be able to re-sell this? 
  4. Can I find this on consignment instead? 
  5. Will I want this if I wait a week? 

Another trick we use has proved to be successful time and time again. If you are feeling impulsive, instead of clicking “Add to Cart,” transfer $100 into a clothing savings account. In the long run, having a designated savings account for big ticket splurges will more likely be 100% guilt-free because you saved for something you really wanted as opposed to something you’ll forget about before it even arrives in the mail. You may want to add more or less to these deposits, but after a couple of times dodging fast fashion you will have saved enough to invest in a high quality piece that will last you a lifetime.

Invest in your future and shop with a plan in mind

With quality, you can let go of shopper’s remorse. High quality pieces are an investment because you can either: a) keep them forever or b) consign them. When you know you can make a substantial amount of money back on a piece, you can shop with more ease.

Brooke Bobb, a fashion news writer at Vogue wrote “I go on consignment sites with good intentions—I always try to look for things I actually need, like a pair of black or tan trousers and simple sweaters.” These staples are investment pieces that you will wear time and time again.

If you are like us, once you start looking at consignment sites you’ll end up falling down a rabbit hole with twelve things you absolutely do not need in your cart. However, if start with a plan in mind, it is much easier to eliminate the crazy pieces and stick to the simple, straightforward items. Think of shopping for clothing like shopping for groceries: make a list and only buy what you need.

LV Key

Take Care of Your Investments

You can buy good quality, high-end pieces that last, but you still have to do your part in the up keep. Make sure you know your clothing, always read the wash instructions and do not try to cut corners. Store your items carefully—use dustbags, padded hangers, hatboxes, etc. And keep your dustbags, boxes, receipts and authentication cards so when it comes to re-selling, you’ll have all that you need.

When buying luxury goods and saving money at the same time, always remember sourcing your pieces are key. Do the work and the rest will follow!

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