Woman Crush Wednesday: Tache Forbister

THE CRUSH: Tache Forbister

Tache Forbister of 'The Brunch Banter' is this weeks Woman Crush Wednesday and our first crush of the #wcw series. In case you didn't already know, Tache has been working on her blog turned podcast and is known to host a killer brunch. This English Lit major is a talented photographer and an extremely driven local babe who exudes beauty and confidence. Her goal is to offer the best advice on growing your career, getting healthy, and finding balance in life while not taking ourselves TOO seriously. The Brunch Banter, which features local business owners and their respective journeys is totally aligned with us here at SOI and the reason for our seamless collaboration.

You will want to keep an eye out for this empowering babe, there is so much more to come!

 (Stay tuned for our podcast with the Brunch Banter launching in February!) 




SOI: What is the basis of your business? Who’s your target market?
TF: I’ve got two very separate businesses going on right now. One is of course The Brunch Banter, my blog and now podcast. On the other end of things I have my freelance content creation business where I do everything from photography and videography to web design and copywriting. The biggest point of overlap for my two businesses is the target audience. A huge group that I try to reach for both is small to medium sized business owners. A lot of my podcast guests are entrepreneurs so hearing their stories can be really helpful to this group. And a lot of the freelance work I do can be used for their marketing and websites.

SOI: How and when did you think of the idea?
TF: I’ve been blogging under my own name as a hobby for a really long time. But towards the end of my bachelor degree I really wanted to launch a whole new website that was branded as something other than myself. As for the feelancing, I started by doing any and every job that came my way this year until I was able to really narrow down what I like to do most and what I do best. I’m finally at a place where I know the answers to that kind of question and am really going to use 2019 to build my businesses with more intention.

SOI: What can we expect from the brand this year?
TF: This year is going to be all about collaboration and creating value for my audience. Not only do I want to connect with other amazing business owners, but I want to connect with my audience as well. Hopefully I’ll be hosting a few more brunches in the near future.

SOI: If you could give one piece of advice to someone planning on starting a business what would it be?
TF: Keep it simple. My biggest flaw in business is that I make everything so much harder on myself than it needs to be and I take on too many projects for one person to manage with their sanity intact. I’m still trying to narrow down my offerings and content streams so that I can be the most productive with my time. I also really want to try and find more ways to outsource some of the work.

SOI: How is your business unique from others?
TF: I’m really trying to create a new niche that I don’t really see in the market. For the Brunch Banter this means taking the humour you see with brands like The Bitch Bible, Betches, The Fat Jewish, and combining it with the value and business advice that you see from people like Jenna Kutcher and Cathy Heller.  

SOI: What is your best marketing tool? Instagram etc
TF: I would say it’s a combination of Instagram and in person networking. I’ve been making a big effort to get out of my comfort zone and connect with more small business owners at networking events. I’ve gotten a lot of exposure that way.



SOI: What’s your sign and what is your favourite attribute about yourself?
TF: I am a cancer through and through. I’m emotional, sensitive, and a total homebody. As far as my favourite attribute about myself, I would probably say it’s how imaginative I am. Creativity has always been a huge part of my life in some way shape or form, it’s very exciting and therapeutic to me.

SOI: If you had to put a theme to your style what would it be? i.e Kardashian Chic/Biker princess
TF: My personal style is constantly changing so this is a hard one to answer. In the moment I’m loving the off-duty model street style meets Victoria Beckham but marginally less cool. I just have a hard time translating my aesthetic into my wardrobe but I think I’m slowly starting to get there.

SOI: Growing up what did you aspire to be?
TF: I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’m currently working on my first novel right now which has been a long time dream of mine to do. I also had a couple of years in high school where I was determined to become a filmmaker or TV producer.

SOI: What is the most important intention and goal for you this year?
TF: As I kind of mentioned before, I really want this year to be about simplification and collaboration. If I can work some systems into my business that can help me automate and streamline my processes, I think I’ll be able to focus a lot more on creating quality content for The Brunch Banter and for my freelance clients.  

SOI: Who is someone you truly look up to and why?
TF: I have always looked up to my mom and grandma. They’ve been the two biggest influences in my life and have always inspired me. My mom is endlessly creative and so talented with everything she tries, and I’ve always looked up to my grandma for how selfless she is.

SOI: What gets you up and excited in the morning (other than coffee obvs)?
TF: The feeling of endless possibilities both overwhelms and exhilarates me. No matter what’s going on, I try to remind myself that every day is a fresh start and that really helps me get psyched. I also try to regularly schedule things in for myself that I can look forward to.

the podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-brunch-banter-podcast
the website: https://www.thebrunchbanter.com
the insta: https://www.instagram.com/thebrunchbanter/?hl=en