February 14th is for the GIRLS

February 14th is for the GIRLS

This year we are taking back Valentine’s Day.. 


2018 is said to be the year of Self Mastery. Maybe it’s the new moon or maybe we are still riding the high from all of ours 'firsts' these last couple months (launching our dream company, the excitement of our very first Pop Up Shop....) whatever the reason the energy is definitely flowing! You already know that we are all about Girl Power so for this years Valentine’s Day, we have something to say to you “GIRL, TREAT YOURSELF”!

This past year we have heard more, read more and talked more about being a Woman, than ever before. Thousands (and counting) are standing up for basic women’s rights and an imperative movement is making waves and is a driving force all over this world. We should all dive into this year feeling fierce and united.

As the big day of love approaches we know that lots of you have amazing partners who kindly sprinkle you with extra love for Valentine’s Day. Listen, we enjoy a thoughtful gift or an extra smooch (or five) as much as the next girl BUT, what really resonates within us this year is SELF LOVE.

On February 14th we encourage you to treat yourself and the woman around you. Romance one of your girlfriends. Spend quality time with female family members. We first read about “friend romancing” through Angela Aguirre's Instagram (@imwiththedeejay) - check her profile out, she really is a female "cannonball of positivity" like her bio says. Everything she puts out into the world is truthful, positive and encouraging (all the qualities we search for in a Girl Crush!) She wrote about romancing your friends and how meaningful it can be. Angela talks about how one of her girlfriends sent her a gift from Tiffany & Co knowing that she didn’t own anything and believed every woman should own a piece from the company known for its iconic little blue box. Angela continued on describing how much it meant receiving that gift. We agree, giving an unexpected gift to a dear friend is deeply rewarding, a powerful practice and an amazing way to show the gratitude you have for the close friendships in your life!

Make this Valentine's Day a So Over it inspired holiday - browse our custom E-Gift Cards designed specifically for your BFF and some equally cute FROM ME TO ME GC’S. We had a blast putting together our very first Valentine’s Gift Guide for you all which is now available to browse on the online shop! Most of all, we want to say THANK YOU x a million to all of you for being part of our GIRL GANG. We have so many exciting things happening this year and we can’t wait to share every one of them with you.






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