Mother's Day: An Open Letter To Our Mothers

Mother's Day: An Open Letter To Our Mothers

Dear Mom,

You are everything that symbolizes a role model. But so much more than that, you are a genuine example of a strong independent and resilient Woman who has always taken action to better themselves without fear of consequence or judgment.

You have the presence to illuminate any room and the beauty to turn heads. Your exciting youthful energy is contradicted by your endless wisdom and sophisticated advice.

We have two different Mothers, with different backgrounds and upbringings yet both feel so inspired by the strong will and grace that both of our Moms seem to carry so effortlessly.

Nothing has been more empowering than starting the business of our dreams and watching it grow and we may never be able to re pay our Mothers for the lessons they have taught us but we thought we would start by saying thank you.

Thank you for being the fascinating, ever evolving and out of this world entertaining Women that you are. Thank you for always pushing us to do more, never settle and most of all, thank you for just being the total ROCKSTARS that you both are.

If we can end up even a fraction of the Women you both are we will be just fine.

Happy Mother's Day!

Love Jord and Rach

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