Making a difference one T at a time..

Making a difference one T at a time..

If you follow us on Instagram (and we hope you do) you would know that we recently launched our very own So Over It embroidered T's. We have white, pink (duh) and black and they come in unisex XS to XL.

These aren't just normal cotton T-Shirts, they are the ultimate Babe Power T-Shirts if you will.

Allow us to explain...

We knew we wanted to create a T-Shirt we ourselves would wear. The ultimate summer T that we knew our friends would feel confident in and would be proud to rock. Out came the embroidered T and we LOVED IT. But then it sparked a new idea, an amazing idea that is now allowing us to give back to our community to a cause we are seriously passionate about. HELPING WOMEN!

After we watched our very best friend and favourite lawyer Courtney Weinstein represent the North End Womens Centre in the competition Fast Pitch this past Spring with the Winnipeg Foundation (This competition has said to be the "Dragons Den for Non-Profits) we thought what a perfect team and organization to support!  

We teamed up with the North End Womens centre to donate proceeds from each shirt sold and have already raised over $500. (Ps thank you to everyone who has purchased already, you are the best). We then thought "Why stop here"?! We decided to do a charity Spin ride with Saikel Winnipeg where 100% of proceeds will go into our charity pot to the Womens Centre. 

We have so many exciting new things to tell you and we will be adding many more blog posts to the site each week so make sure to stay in the loop. 

 PS. How do you babes feel about baby pink SO OVER IT embroidered hoodies to help keep you warm in the frigid Canadian winter? Because we feel DAMN GOOD ABOUT IT!! (Coming Soon)

As always, thank you for the continuous support. We have so much love for you.        



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