The Women Tribe & What Fashion Means to Me
    To me, fashion means so much more than owning an item, an object you carry around and keep things in. Fashion is a community, an opportunity for a unique relationship, a mutual understanding of desire shared with a group of passionate people.
 When you buy a luxury item you look at it, you contemplate it, you feel the impressive quality and you think this is so me. I love the idea that someone bought this item and took care of it, genuinely loved it and then as all humans do, eventually moved on from it. We  all become “So Over It”.
    The item is then passed on to someone else. Someone who sees it and feels the same connection until she too is ready to move on. There is a sense of respect naturally created between human beings through the smallest amount of mutual understanding. Small wins if you will. It is the tiny similarities discovered between people that tend to be the most impactful and create a foundation for friendship. 
    So, why don’t we create something sustainable from mutual interest? Why not gain from those small wins? An entire community of Women who all have one thing in common. Recycle is not a sexy word but the process of circulating, re purposing and prolonging the life of an item is truly a beautiful concept. 
Thoughts from yours truly,

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