SO OVER IT RECAP: From Domain to Doorstep

SO OVER IT RECAP: From Domain to Doorstep
Wide eyed with adrenaline pumping, two girls who six months earlier held hands at 3:15 AM about to push the ‘GO LIVE’ button on their first E-Commerce store, looked at each other and said “WE'LL TAKE IT”!

So Over It Luxury Consignment went from domain to doorstep in just 6 months. If you've met us you already know we are passionate, determined and most importantly true to who we are and what we believe in. When we started So Over It, we were adamant on doing as much ourselves as possible. This meant learning how to code, launching ourselves into the unfamiliar territory of permits, licenses, business plans, photography, painting and renovations (there is still more paint in our hair than on the walls).

We are still shocked as to how we got our baby up and running all on our own. That didn't mean there weren’t late night tears, much needed wine and loads of support from friends and family along the way. One of our favourite aspects of this business are the six incredible photoshoots we have organized over the last half a year. Every single shoot has included Winnipeg women from near and far. Our dearest friends, lawyers, architects, teachers, artists, accountants and bloggers have stepped in front of the lens and out of their comfort zone to model for us.  The relationships we have built with such incredible women are to date, the most rewarding aspect of launching So Over It. We have spent hours with like-minded women talking fashion; laughing and accidentally falling into friendships we know will last a lifetime. 

The So Over It Studio is set up to completely embody who we are. Our office is more like our dream living room (topped off with a 70's style bar cart). Depending on the day, we may be blasting Leon Bridges, Destiny’s Child, 2005 Kanye West or The XX. Take a couple steps to your right and you enter the walk in closet of our dreams. We are committed to making every single person that walks through the studio doors help feel confident and beautiful by the time they leave. Take a step to the left and you can browse our brand new Men’s Collection. At this point you know we aren’t shy, so every new face that walks through the door is more like a new friend to us. We would like to take this time to apologize to all the people we have made late to pick up their kids from school or miss an appointment because we wouldn’t shut the hell up!
We are two best friends. Two best friends who had a vision and made it a reality by using every possible means available to create an elevated shopping experience for every individual who steps foot in our studio or stumbles upon our online shop. When you enter the So Over It Studio, you are immediately supporting sustainable fashion and a local business run by two very passionate women. When you walk out, we guarantee you will have gained two new friends and some amazing luxury pieces for your enjoyment until you too are “So Over It!”.
We love you all and are nothing but thankful for everyone who has supported us and taken the time to get to know us. Let’s keep this party going, one Gucci bag and glass of champagne at a time.
Lots of Love,
Jordan and Rachel

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